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Need Dry Rot Repair?

Dry rot repair can certainly feel like a huge problem, but with the help of our veteran professionals, it does not have to be. Our dry rot repair services include everything that you need to keep your home in good shape.
It does not matter where you need it in your home, we have everything that it takes to repair your Dry Rot needs.

Premium Quality Repair Service

It doesn’t matter whether you’re facing some minor dry rot in your wooden siding, or other parts of your home, or require entire structural repair and replacement; our experts are sure to have what you need.
When it comes to assuring that your home is in its top condition, it is a huge relief to be able to work with a dependable contractor that you can really count on. We strive to work hard and deliver the kind of comfort and peace of mind that you imagine.

Where is Dry Rot Found?

If you are pondering how to prevent dry rot, you might ask — where does dry rot usually take hold. If not properly insulated, basements and crawl spaces can be hot spots for moisture from leaks, and thus, decay and rot. However, dry rot happens on a number of outdoor wood structures as well and mainly on:

  • Wooden window frames and sills.
  • Places where water leaks from the roof onto the siding.
  • Unprotected decks, wooden handrails, and overhangs.
  • Any vertical surface that comes across a horizontal surface.
  • Wood that sits beneath gutters.