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Flat roof coatings have totally altered the way your roof protects your home or business. Irrespective of the type of flat roof you have, our team is fully equipped and experienced in providing roof coatings for all roofing applications.
Our roof coatings create a unified and watertight film that thoroughly covers and protects your roof. Keeping your structure leak free is just one of the many benefits that come with our flat roof coating service.

Top-Quality Solutions for All Types of Flat Roof

Harold Thompson Roofing Service can save you money by averting further corrosion and waterproofing your entire roof surface area with a highly energy-efficient roof coating system. Our team of veteran roofing experts has worked on a variety of different residential or commercial flat roofs, from giant companies to small pop shops.

Harold Thompson Construction can apply high-quality roof coatings for any flat roof.

Restore Your Roofs

We only use top-quality coating products, which guarantee you will get the best workmanship and highest-quality materials for your flat roofs.

Our flat roof coating covers the whole range of roof restoration options. More often than not, building owners are replacing their residential or commercial roofs impulsively. There is a better method to bring life back to your building, and that is a roof restoration with Harold Thompson Construction.

Here is why: A flat roof coating can cost half of what a complete roof replacement would cost;

  • Your reinstated flat roof will function as new, meaning lower maintenance costs per year.
  • This restored flat roof can easily be fixed or recoated if needed.

We proudly provide residential or commercial roofing services in the State of Oregon and other surrounding areas. It has been our honor serving our customers over the years, and we hope you will be a part of our future. We have built our name on excellent workmanship, quality products, premium customer service, and honesty in everything we do.