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Re-level your Home

Have you observed your doors beginning to stick?
Is your home starting to show structural cracks?
Do you see cracks on your walls or gaps in your skirting?
If you notice any of these signs, your home may need to be re-leveled.

The wet and dry seasons or sandy areas can cause the ground beneath your home to shift. Let Harold Thompson Construction get it level again and fix any interior and exterior damage.

Complete Professional Work

Why is quality work so difficult to come by these days? At Harold Thompson Construction, we strive hard to provide you the quality care you deserve. You can rest assured we are licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of Oregon.

Signs that you may need re-leveling

  • Windows begin to stick
  • Doors drag or stick
  • Cracks develop on the walls
  • Skirting starts to buckle

Complete Home Service

Once your home is re-leveled, you might want to take care of some other repairs or improvements. Call on Harold Thompson Construction to repair your needs, and improve both your interior and exterior.